Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daddy's boy

All dressed up

LIttle Sweetheart

Baby Boy

So Sweet

Baby Maxwell is here

On October 3rd at 3:15 am little Maxwell Dean Schnepf was born. He was 8 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 inches long. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has two little dimples on his chin and above his mouth. He is so beautiful and precious.There is just Something about little boys and their mommy's. He just melts my heart. He was stubborn like his daddy and was born face up which made things a little tricky, but he made it here and that's what is important. Jer and I are so thankful to have him in our home and we just love the peace and spirit that comes with a little angel from heaven. Samara and Kate love to hold him on their laps and tickle his little footsies as Samara calls them. Kate calls him her baby and both girls are so helpful and always making him happy. Here are a bunch of pictures to enjoy that Darby took. So I guess as our Dr. says " we are playing zone and not man on man anymore". I am already realizing how much work three little ones are, but they are worth it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Playing Dressup

Cinderella Olivia and Little Mermaid Samara
Pretty little Princesses
" Hey mom look, I got your boots on."
I love the pose, she learned that from her Daddy.